A series of softcover notebooks in B6 size (5"x7" / 125mm x 176mm), showcasing 15 original artworks contributed by our Tiga artists - Kerby Rosanes, Vince Low and Peisy Ting.

Kerby Notebook Series

All original art by Kerby Rosanes

All original art by Vince Low

All original art by Peisy Ting

The notebooks series comes in five eclectic colours – Nero (black), Blu (blue), and Vino (purple) by Fedrigoni of Italy, and Copper Penny and Metallic Chocolate from the U.K - printed  on three different cover stocks in either gold, silver, copper or black ink. Inside are 56 blank pages of 120gsm paper from Italy which are thread stitched to the cover in a range of coloured threads which match either the cover stock or ink.

All paper materials are produced by FSC certified manufacturers, while our printer is also certified FSC. As our printer directly orders the paper from the FSC manufacturers, this "chain of custody" entitles the tiga notebook range to be designated as FSC certified as well.

* Price includes worldwide delivery.