Part of Tiga Artistry's mission is to initially explore and connect with a cadre up and coming as well as established artists from Southeast Asia, while our future plans include connecting with artists all over the world. We are on a quest to reach out to artists who wish to work in partnership with us in order for them to to be able to showcase their art on a selection of high quality products that brings out the best of their work and look forward to expanding our artist partnerships.

Our current artists include:


A passionate artist and illustrator, Vince "stumbled" across his signature scribble style more than six years ago when he was assigned a project at work by his Creative Director who asked him to come up with something new for an awareness campaign by the Dyslexia Association of Malaysia. Ever since his widely applauded scribble works were first seen, Vince has continued to develop his scribble style to the point where he has exhibited his work at solo exhibitions both here in Malaysia and Singapore, in addition to having a number of open invitations to showcase his work overseas as well.


Vince recently left his full time job in order to pursue his art. Vince is looking to expand his considerable skills and take his ethereal style to a more commercial level in the coming months ahead.

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A young and upcoming artist who hails from Manila, Kerby has accomplished a great deal in terms of turning his passion of doodling into a full time artistic career. His eclectic blend of line drawings of the surreal have produced many iconic art pieces which have amassed him an enthusiastic following of millions of fans from all over the world who eagerly await his next mind-tingling doodle posted on his Facebook Page – Sketchy Stories

Kerby's unrelenting work ethic keeps him extremely busy as he works on art for not only his expanding client base but also for himself as well. His recently published adult colouring book called Animorphia, had an initial print run of 350,000 copies and was very well received, while a new colouring book called Imaginmorphia was just released.

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Jacky grew up in Penang and relocated to Kuala Lumpur soon after he graduated from art college. Setting his sights on a career in advertising, Jackie entered the advertising world and steadily climbed its ranks to where he is now Head of Visual Department at one of Malaysia's largest international agencies. Jackie is an extremely versatile artist who is comfortable in a variety of traditional media while also being well-versed with the latest digital tools.

Jacky's passion for watercolour is what he loves to spend his free time on and seeks to build his portfolio of original paintings with a desire to eventually become a full time artist. Jackie is married and has a young daughter.

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Originally from Penang, Malaysia, Peisy moved to Kuala Lumpur at an early age where her mother founded and built one of the first leading edge art and design colleges in Malaysia. After high school she pursued a degree in Visual Communications in the UK and then returned to Malaysia and entered the world of advertising, first as a designer and later as a Senior Art Director.

Looking to combine her design skills with the production of sustainable products she came across palm paper which led to a Kickstarter campaign and the formation of Palm Republik in late 2013. Seeking to expand upon her range of products in July 2015, she embarked upon her second Kickstarter with Tiga: Sketchbooks with Beauty, Art and Soul which became Malaysia's most successful home grown Kickstarter project.

Not only is Peisy the Founder and Creative director of Tiga Artistry, she also is one of our artists working principally with line art, but also enjoys painting, sculpture and metalsmithing. Peisy is looking to build on tiga's foundation of high quality artistically inspired products in order to expand to a wider line of innovative and well-designed products and take them to a global audience.

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Currently, we are in communication with several artists who have expressed a strong interest in joining our passionate team and we will be introducing them and their high quality work to you over the coming month's ahead. If you are an artist who would be interested in working alongside of us, please send an email to tigaartistry@gmail.com and we can discuss the possibilities.