Customer Care

We believe that a high level of customer service is an integral part to the whole experience of purchasing from Tiga. Our goal is to provide you with great service from the initial order to any questions or queries you may have both before and after you receive your items.

As consumers ourselves, we are cognisant of the fact that when ordering online that things can sometimes go wrong, mistakes can be made, and stressful emotions may appear in the process. Our job is to take a singular route in every situation which is fundamentally based on the simple concept of reasonableness.


At the present time we process all orders through Paypal. If you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard, this can be done through Paypal. Paypal does not require you to set up an account with them in order to use your Visa or Mastercard, however, in order to facilitate ongoing transactions with Paypal, you may wish to set up an account with them. Setting up a Paypal account is very easy, however, it is available in most countries but not all. Please check the Paypal website at www.paypal.com for setting up an account as well as additional information pertinent to your country.

For international orders we will also accept wire transfers. Please email us at tigaartistry@gmail.com for additional information and instructions.


For all transactions, Tiga Artistry is required to collect the Malaysian GST fee of 6%, however, we have built this tax into our pricing and it will NOT BE added on at checkout.


We believe in transparency and that all charges displayed at checkout DO NOT include any extra fees, surcharges or other costs that shall and will be borne by us including fees charged by Paypal for processing transactions on this Website.


For international shipping we currently use registered international mail, small packet, or parcel through Quantium Solutions (a division of Singapore Post) or Malaysia Post. For most orders that are in stock, your package will be mailed within 48 hrs of receipt of payment. Depending on your location on average it takes approximately 10 - 15 business days (2 -3 weeks) to reach your door, or your countries customs department. Packages can sometimes take up to 30 days, however, if you have not received anything by then please contact us at tigaartistry@gmail.com.

If you wish to expedite your order we can use any number of international courier companies such as FedEx, UPS, and TNT. Please contact us at tigaartistry@gmail.com about fees.

For domestic Malaysian orders we use PosLaju.


We take due care when packaging all orders, however, sometimes during transit packages can and do get handled very roughly and this may potentially cause damage to the products inside. Although we are not responsible if an item(s) does get damaged in transit, we will nonetheless replace the item at no charge to you based on the following criteria:

  • You must contact us within 10 business days of receipt of the goods.
  • You must provide us with pictures of the damaged parcel and respective items which can be sent to tigaartistry@gmail.com.
  • You will be responsible for the cost of the mailing fee which we will inform you based explicitly on the rate card provided from Quantium Solutions / Malaysia Post or private courier company if so desired. Once we have received this fee we will ship the replacement item(s). You may keep the damaged items and we hope some use can come from them.

We are hear to listen to you and will act reasonably once all the information is know. What we do ask back from our customers is an equal level of reasonableness. Discussion and dialogue with a reasonable expectation can go a long way in solving many issues, and it is our sincere desire that your are at all times satisfied with our products and service.