Shipping & Delivery

Hello and welcome to the Shipping and Delivery information page.

When you place an order, you initiate the order fulfillment process which gets underway within 12 hours and your item(s) will be out in the mail within 24-72 hours on your way to your doorstep. All of our products are stored in our warehouse unless we are out of stock or have decided to discontinue producing an item. If an item is out of stock a notice will show on the product page.


We are consumers ourselves and have bought hundreds of items over the years using e-commerce sites, but let's be honest, few things spoil the mood of purchasing something online when you are not informed upfront what those fees will be (this sometimes includes "surcharges" designed to cover the payment processing costs).

All too often you go all the way through to the last step of checkout when the S&H finally is displayed and your are immediately hit with what seems a huge extra charge often just slightly less than the item itself. That appealing and inexpensive price advertised on the website just went from desirable to "no thanks, maybe some other time" as you abandon the cart and look elsewhere. Our goal is to make our pricing as simple as possible so have included shipping as part of the price of all our products.

If you have any questions or concerns please send us a message and we will assist you in anyway that we can.

What type of shipping do you use?

All orders are shipped from Malaysia by way of either Quantium Solutions (a division of Singapore Post) or POS Malaysia (Malaysia Post) using registered international air mail. The registration is an added expense to us but we do not charge you anything extra for this service - please note that this is not a courier service but standard international small packet or parcel service. If you wish expedited service please contact us and we can give you a quote.

Each order will have a registration number that will be emailed to you shortly after the package is sent. This number allows for limited tracking on the Quantium Solutions and POS Malaysia web sites as it will generally only display when the package has left Malaysia or has reached the destination country, however, some countries do enable continued tracking through their postal services web site to the final destination. Unfortunately, this additional tracking is totally up to the discretion of the postal services of the individual countries and we have no control over this.

Sounds good on the shipping, but how long will it take to reach me?

As we design and make all our products here in Malaysia, your purchase will be shipped directly from Malaysia. On average, we have found that the majority of orders take approximately 10 - 15 business days to reach you or your customs department. However, as we grow we do anticipate using a number of fulfillment centres throughout the world most likely in the US, UK/Europe, and Japan and this may cut down on delivery times.

Orders can and do arrive sooner and unfortunately some take as long as 30 days. Once the package leaves Malaysia we have no control over the process and cannot intercept, change or cancel an order.

Please take note that shipping is the "wild card" of the world of order fulfillment and e-commerce. As much as we would love to have full control of this process we do not, and unfortunately packages do get delayed and worse, lost. If your package has not reached you within 30 days we will work with you to try and trace the package, but there are no guarantees if we will be successful in tracking its whereabouts.

We know a missing package can be an extremely frustrating experience and we have been through it ourselves, however, once the package is mailed we are not responsible for its arrival as that responsibility is with the postal service therefore we cannot issue refunds if this were to happen. That being said, however, we are not unreasonable people and are open to discussing how we can reach a middle ground so that you are not left with nothing and out your hard money. If it comes to a lost package we have a simple policy: let's talk.

What about Customs?

All countries have customs departments which control the importation of goods into their countries. Packages which enter a country from an international destination are often subject to a screening of their documents/declaration forms to make sure everything is in order and for many countries to see if there is any additional taxes, VAT or duties owed on the items. Each country has its own list of goods subject to duty and the amounts vary. You may check with your own customs department to see what if any duty/taxes may apply on your purchase.

A customs department will sometimes "hold" a package and inform you through their respective postal service if any additional money is owed and will not release the package until the money is paid. This process and any amount owed is 100% determined by your own country and we are not responsible in anyway for this additional cost. The amount owed is calculated on the amounts listed on the commercial invoice attached to the package and their unit cost in $USD and is sometimes reviewed by the custom's office - some packages may even be opened up to see if the contents match the invoice/declaration form. Please note that in no circumstances can we change the invoice in order for the amounts listed to be lowered, so we ask that you please understand this fact and not ask us to adjust the invoice in any way.

We do understand customs can be a pain to deal with at times, but nonetheless it is a necessity and integral part of international commerce. The package itself will have a Form 22 Custom Declaration as part of the label, or we may attach the "commercial invoice" which may help you to avoid having to travel to the customs office if they wish to see proof of the amount paid.

Often times, for smaller packages or goods valued below a certain threshold may not get the same level of scrutiny as higher valued products and will appear to get through the process with no additional monies involved or extra time. In reality, however, every Customs department is different with their own rules, regulations, tariffs, inspections, and associated issues which at the end of the day can delay your package. We hope that the process is fairly seamless and hassle free for you but recognise problems on occasion can and will happen, if they do, please let us know and we will see how we can assist.